Thursday, July 23, 2009

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FairyDust Faces located in Sonoma County California supplies airbrush tattoo artists as well as glitter tattoo artists, face painters, henna artists and body painters to festivals, events, corporate and private parties though out Northern California.

airbrush Tattoo Examples can be found here: FairyDust Faces Gallery
Temporary airbrush tattoos (TATs)

from wikipedia:

Temporary airbrush tattoos (TATs) are another kind of temporary tattoo. Like other forms of temporary tattoos, TATs are applied to the surface of the skin and do no damage to the skin. TATs are created by placing a stencil to the skin and delivering the tattoo ink with an airbrush. Unlike temporary transfer tattoos, the TAT artist can control delicate elements of the temporary tattoo while it is being produced, which is much more similar to the true permanent tattoo experience.

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos have been in existence for many decades and are largely used in marketing, advertising and the entertainment industry. Because of the constant research and development of superior airbrush equipment and inks, airbrush tattoos today so closely resemble real tattoos that many people cannot tell the difference.

Temporary airbrush tattoo removal

Most airbrush tattoo inks are alcohol-based. Applying baby powder several times during the day will extend the life of the tattoo. Removal is done by applying an oil or alcohol based product. Baby oil, mineral oil and suntan lotion work best. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) also works, but should be used with caution as it can dry and irritate the skin. They sometimes last only a week.

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  1. I believe everyone had a great time and we were airbrushing tattoos for pretty much the whole time we were there
    with a small break when the gypsies performed.
    And I know we had fun, too! Congratulations Mark and Colleen on your anniversary.airbrush tattoos